I have been kicked from my group chat

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Opened on:Tuesday, November 2, 2010 - 09:52
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Please can someone add my nickname to my group chat channel, Anthropic Dreams. Thanks.

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Seems most of the team is also locked out.

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same here cant get into group chat i am itskimo in the anthropic dreams group could someone get me unbaned?

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Ok, your account should be fixed.

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sorry to say its not fixed for me and i have tried everything everyone has told me sorry but could you get me unbaned this is getting to be a big pain thank you for your help

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sorry but this stinks how long is this mess going to take to clear up????? is anyone working on this problum hello...

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I've joined your group to investigate the problem. I can now reproduce it. That's the first step to fixing it.

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hay PB&others i dont think that you are being bumped but rather that the in game group chat window is not opening. this is because when i sign in through mibbit on a irc chanel i can see your name and other in game players being listed and given a voice by chanelserv but because the in game window is not working you just think you have been booted
the chat window is not opening because it thinks another client has already started (it is not true) and so it then mutes the in game group chat window.

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And there we have current thread about our broken chat:
Still not fixed.

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