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Is it possible...

To split backbone clashing and sidechain clashing ?

So that we can do major reworking of the backbone and wiggle it around without worrying about sidechain clashing, but also not have it collapse on itself ?

if this is not possible, perhaps a mode where it assumes all sidecahins are Alanine ?

I find that a lot of the rebuilds I do that ultimately work, have a phase where while I'm working on them, they clash significantly because of the sidechains, and this makes it much more difficult to work the area.

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Would it also be possible to resolve the backbone segment score part in different axial directions to indicate the amount of twisting of the backbone and to have a better tool to control twisting of the backbone than helix tweak? Would like to be able to twist the backbone in two opposing directions at any segment join (or segment), as a kind of minor rebuild. That is if my interpretation of the backbone segment score part is even vaguely accurate! ;-)

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don't know how this got set to priority 1, i swear i clicked 3

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prot-bustr changed the priority to High and Type to Suggestion.

But since there are higher priority items (like getting rid of the floating over the chat... etc.) I'll move this suggestion back to 3.

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cut points


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