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Hi ! Greetings to the community !

I was wondering if it were possible to use one of my solutions for a puzzle, into another.
For example, I scored 9751 points on 374: CASP9 Puzzle 40 and I want to use that solution in 374(<150): CASP9 Puzzle 40 where I only scored 9360 points. After all, that's the same puzzle…

I couldn't find a way to do that ; is it only possible ?

Thank you !

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sorry, those are 2 different puzzles :-(

I'm sorry but there is no current way to do that.

Those different <15, <150 puzzles are designed for your to compete against people in your own skill level... they aren't there for players to try out all 3 levels (although you are of course welcome to), but that is why there is no option to use one solution from one level and bring it into another.

Also, you could imagine that you joined a group with veterans and evolved their solution, then you could try to load it in as your own solution in the <15 category... which wouldn't be very fair.

Hopefully you can try to do the same moves to get a high scoring solution in the <150 group!

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Thank you for the answer,

I totally understand your point, and I didn't think about the possibility of evolving a veteran's solution (I didn't get to evolve a solution yet, as the group I joined seems pretty inactive).
However, it's a bit frustrating when the best solution I got for the puzzle is in the <15 or <150 category…
But as I don't intend to stay in those categories too long I'll deal with that for the time being !

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sorry for the frustration!

Thanks for understanding!

The good news is that you still have 3 days left to try to beat your score of 9751 across all 3 puzzles! ;-)


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