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Post here if you have any general problems about translating Foldit.

I actualy have two problems:

1.Foldit frequently crashes in beta mode. (I added my log.txt)
2.The characters ä, ö, ü, ß are displayed wrong. (The box in the posted screenshot sould be "ät")
I use Poedit to generate the .mo File if it matters.

Thanks for your help,

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I also use Poedit and I've

I also use Poedit and I've noticed that Polish language specific characters like "ńęąśćźż" are displayed wrong.

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First off thank you, guys,

First off thank you, guys, for exposing me to Poedit. I had no idea it even existed. It's a great tool for editing .po files. However, it seems to screw up the .mo files. The characters are messed up and cause Foldit to crash. Do not use it to create the .mo files. You have to use the msgfmt tool that comes with the gettext library.


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