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Opened on:Tuesday, October 12, 2010 - 00:32
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There are two things I would LOVE to be able to control using the left/right arrow keys:

1) The Clashing Behaviour Slider - could this operate 0.01 for each arrow press, left for down and right for up? ...also perhaps .05 using Ctrl-arrow key, again left for down right for up?

2) The Undo Window Selector - it currently needs to be clicked with the mouse, requiring user to shift eye focus and direction...would be great to control with left/right arrow keys to step left & right through rebuild steps... could do this without having to shift gaze from graph on screen

Please consider adding these usability enhancements. They likely would not be hard to implement, and in my estimation, would make using both these tools much easier and more naturally intuitive.

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More keys would be cool.


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