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I have been unable to download any puzzles since 367. when i try to get the new puzzle i get an error message saying that the server is busy and to try again later. I could load any of the other puzzles i had just fine but now all i have is killer toxin and what would seem like a dead link to 369. I have tried getting the puzzles at all hours of the day, weekdays, weekends with no luck. I'd like to continue with this but the lack of puzzles to work on is quite annoying. i have win7 and am running fold it in xp sp3 compatibility mode.

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Try check "disable network timeouts" on login screen.

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I had a similar issue logging in my first client wouldn't let me go into <15 KT which I've been doing for some time now.
I reloaded the list and it still said I couldn't do it because my score was too high.
When I started my 2nd client on the same computer though it would let me select <15 KT.

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Not reported any more. Closing.


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