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I suggest to add in "View options" setting to disable pop-up messages about the mouse (I'm talking about such messages as "Restored recent best", "Quicksave N", amount of change scores, etc)
They are very concerned and annoyed especially when the script is executed and it would be nice to be able to disable it.

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Do you mean the float-up messages?
Yes, when a script is executed, they are annoying.

There are some threads dealing with this already:

I hope, this will be available at last.

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An alternative would be to have the messages quit floating and just occupy a fixed location, maybe just below score. Chat is very hard when one has a script running and moving the cursor away make things dangerous for the game playing (you can accidentally type a hot key.) Maybe I'm just bad at it.

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Yes, or you could sepearate the script output window into two parts, section above showing what was the float message before and below the regular script output.

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For the hot key problem, you could separate the chat/info window content into an extra window:
Then, if you are chatting, the chat window is focussed, and accidentally manipulating the puzzle is impossible.

Another idea for hiding the float-up messages would be giving in "view" options similar to those for hiding GUI.
You can hide the GUI completely, or fade it when you are moving/rotating the puzzle.
The same could be made for the float-up mesages:
Hide them completely or hide them when a script is running.

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tips can be turned off now


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