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When I click on "Facebook settings" from http://fold.it/portal/user/me
I get "You are not authorized to access this page." from http://fold.it/portal/user/207116/fbconnect .

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Same there.
Buddies also not work ("Page not found")

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OK, different location,

OK, different location, different box. During login I noticed the button below the username and password box that said something like 'connect by Facebook". After a few false starts I got connected.

Now when I click on of the "post to Facebook" button I get an error message, that repeats until I click the x box.
This is the error returned-->
Supplied template data does not cover the following tokens [achievement] needed for template '{*actor*} unlocked achievement {*achievement*} on Foldit.'

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Yeah, me too... :-(

Was trying to get some friends into the game.


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