Turn off snap to segment when setting bands

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When trying to band to a guide it is incredibly difficult because the bands will snap to the segment or sidechain present in the background. We are trying to set a 3D band in 2D and there is frequently something in the background on a much different plane that where we are trying to get the endpoint of the band. You must instead carefully align the viewport so the point you are trying to drag to has white space behind it.

Make it so that holding down shift (or alt) will make the "snap to" feature turn off when dragging the endpoints of a band.

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I use shift-q to "focus" view on desired segment. It helps.
Best would be able to snap directly to guide :D

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The guide segments don't count as solid object, so focusing doesn't work properly in this case.

Consider also my suggestion with using the mousewheel:

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Duplicate to: http://fold.it/portal/node/578471

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