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Sometimes, unsharing recipes does not work,
so my suggestion is a remove button (for it's author) on the recipe's site.

Beeing able to remove old script (versions) would help keeping overwiew on the whole recipe section.

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I've found out when this happens:
If you share a recipe and then edit it on your PC (local), then you are not able to unshare it anymore.

This means, if you have created a script and run it with different parameters (which means changing the code a bit), you won't be able to unshare it again.

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By the way...
It would be nice to have the ability to remove scripts in the editor itself:


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I also want to cleanup some recipes, but cant do it :/
Make this possible plz!

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which is similar to this bug:

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Can we post recipes here we want to be removed?

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Is it the intention of the recipe/script removal request to also remove it from the client machines?

I'm sure there are some favorite scripts that people won't want to have yanked away.

And, if they are removed from the recipe/script library and someone has to reload their fold.it installation for any number of the usual reasons, how would they go about recovering their favorite recipes/scripts if they are removed from the web site?

I think perhaps this request needs to be re-thought....

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Deleting scripts should only affect the recipe download sectionand no files on private PCs, of course.

It's just for removing old script versions with bugs and fewer features, accidentally saved scripts or special script mods for puzzles which have passed deadline.

For example it's not necesary to have 20 scripts setting a secondary structure of a puzzle which is not available for playing any longer, but keeping the original code or the latest one is a good idea.

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Sometimes we really want unshare/delete old/broken recipes.

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It also happens when you reinstall your OS or Foldit.
Then, the recipe isn't associated with your PC anymore, so you can't delete it by the game's GUI.

Best way would be an option to delete it here from the recipe section by browser.

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another post relating to this: http://fold.it/portal/node/987197 - marked as duplicate

'I was able to add (accidentally) a recipe with an empty name to the recipes page and because I deleted it locally before unsharing I cannot delete it from the shared recipes.'

Judecca suggested: 'just a thought. if you visit the recipe url http://fold.it/portal/recipe/2066 and add it to your cookbook again, it may show the option to unshare it'

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Accidentally made a duplicate thread: http://fold.it/portal/node/995814

It's really a pain to not be able to remove unwanted recipes...

Perhaps being able to update recipes if you are on the same account as well?

I like this idea, may help with this issue: http://fold.it/portal/node/995262

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What is the "Unshare" button supposed to do?
In my experience it never removed the website of the recipe I unshared. Maybe that is intended and there are reasons why you could want to keep the website even if the recipe does not exist anymore. But if that is intended, it would be useful to add a note to the website, something like "This recipe is no longer available for download!".


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