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If the guide shows 6 parts to a structure and the puzzle has 8, is it best to change the parts to match the guide or just leave it & fit as well as possible?

Aside 1: Is there a search feature for the forums? Someone may have already asked the above question.

Aside 2: Is there a wish list where players can leave ideas for future versions of Foldit?

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Try to fit guide EXACLY. You

Try to fit guide EXACLY.
You can`t pack 5 segments in place for 4 :)

A1. I not found it too.

A2. Feedback there: http://fold.it/portal/feedback

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Thank you rav3n_pl

Thank you rav3n_pl

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Would be good

Would be good to have a search function.
This could help searching for explanations and preventing double posting.


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