New recipe function to return the sum of the lengths of user-input bands.

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Opened on:Friday, August 20, 2010 - 14:44
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If a user enters their own bands, for example, to try and match a fold to a guide, at present there is no way for a script to keep track of the lengths of those bands. It could be useful if a rebuild script were to choose rebuilds, so that after wiggling, say, the total length of bands is reduced, so the fold better matches the guide.

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There is no point of keeping track of the length of all the bands. However a get_band_length() function would be a useful in many places. Then a loop could be done to sum up the lengths of all the bands to accomplish what prot-bustr suggests.

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A get_band_strength()-function would also be useful.

At the moment, we can't get any data of user-applied bands, only how many there are.

If we want change bands later, we have to generate them by script and store all values "manually" at the point when they are generated, using many variables, although the game itself already "knows" which bands there are and what their properties are like.
This is cumbersome.

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This sounds good.

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Done in V2 lua.


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