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When a script runs, can the output of the script written to the output window be written to a fixed logfile. Something like foldit.log. It can replace the previous log file, so it only retains the last run.

Place a text header at the top of the file with the name of the script, the name of the puzzle, and the date and time of the run. Besides being useful, this is a safety measure to prevent malicious content from being created by a script. With this info at the top of the file, it should be safe and extremely useful.

Flush the output to the file with each print statement in the script.

We can then write external tools that can analyze the output, even in real time while the script is running.

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Good idea, Tlaloc!

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read/write form/to text file, also write down output window.
sometimes that would be very use full :)

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I'm working on a small project that desperately needs this capability

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I'm desparate.

I'd really like to gather statistics and other useful information I can feed back into my scripts.
I could gather wiggle and shake iteration probabilities base upon various condition.
I oculd gather good/bad mutation probabilities.
I could gather secondary structure probabilities.
Heck, I could gather game specific action effects and replay logs.

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I agree: something like this is badly needed for monitoring script performance.

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This morning I was thinking the recipe output window could have a check box where:
1. when clicked will ask for a file name.
2. when clicked will send recipe output to the named file.
3. will unclick when recipe output window is not open.

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Ok, if you don't want our scripts to write a file directly... How about let us have a button on all scripts (like the show output) that Emails our results to our account email (email output). In this way we can use our own email scans to look for any malicious code.

Or print recipe output to a web page that we can access and cut and paste from.

This inability to analyze our script results retards our efforts.

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Why is this excellent suggestion being ignored?

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not ignored...done!

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