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currently an changed script is uploaded as a child automatically. Unfortunately that means that small adjustments in scripts mean new scripts (with wrong description maybe). Example is loop rebuild 2.0
If you just change the max. rebuild length from 5 to 6, you have a new script.

Lets say 50 people do 2 different length and you have 100 recipes only from this - most of them exactly the same then a dozen others, only from different players. If they all use 2 computers, it doubles again (because you just change it and not up/download from one computer to another).

That helps nobody, it's just a traffic jam.

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Good point, maybe it would be better that these details could be given by the author himself.

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changed to bug and upped priority

The childs are stored under "local", but change from white to green "shared" after first use. But even then they are stored under "local".
That means that "autochild" seems to be a bug. Or if it is a wanted feature, not a bug, the feature is very bugy.

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Marking as duplicate for https://fold.it/portal/node/989858


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