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Hey Everybody!

I am a pharmacist and PhD-student. Our working group has investigated extensively the nitric oxide sensitive guanylyl cyclase (EC, soluble guanylyl cyclase) for several years. The enzyme is a heterodimer formed by an α1- (with 690 AA) and a β1-subunit (with 619 AA). Until now there are only crystal structure known of parts of related proteins out of non-vertebrate species like Thermoanaerobacter tengcongensis, Nostoc punctiforme and Chlamydomonas reinhardtii. Due to the greatness of the enzyme (over 1.300 AA and 150 kDa) we are searching for an option to get some new information about the structure of the enzyme. I've found last week the paper in nature and was inspired by this. Is it possible to upload an own amino-acid sequence (we've create a fusion construct, so it would only be one sequence) and present it as a new puzzle, which can be solved by alle players?

With kind regards,

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huuuge one!

That would be really huge puzzle!
But I`m in! :D Lets try it :D

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too big

It should be possible to insert a custom protein into your own foldit versions - its basically a textfile with a table. ( I think in a standard as is used in other tools to show a graphic representation)

But for the game 1300 Amino Acids is way too big. I would consider 400 the absolute maximum for current players.
Even 300 on a good CPU are quite slow. 1300 would be sluggish even if a hexacore could be used with all its cores. (At the moment the rosetta routines are used, and they only work on one core, as BOINC just starts 4 workunits on a quadcore - after all its the same computing time. But that dosn't work with humans, they don't wait for half an hour after each move. (And propably can't see such a big protein in a useful way)

You should send your questions to "Admin" who can give you contact to the team. There are keyhole-key puzzles, and if that would work in your case we could play a part of your protein.

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while we're on the subject of uploading your own sequences...

Has anyone had a play with prion proteins?


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