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I tried doing this, it had an out line of how you wanted it to look. I was within 50 points of solving it and I could not see the guide any more so I could not fine tune it. If I could see the guide I would still be folding instead of uninstalling. Too bad cause it was interesting

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Maybe add options to change colors/opacity of guide like electron density?

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1. Click 'Menu' on the bottom toolbar of foldit.
2. On the toolbar that appears, click General Options.
3. Check off 'Show advanced GUI' and then click Done.
4. Click 'View.'
5. Check off 'Color relative to GUI.'

Now, instead of segments being colored by segment score, they are colored by how close to the guide they are.

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use "View Protein: line" for fine guide work

One up Skumboni, that's a real issue. The guide can get inside the Cartoon version of the model if you're close. Try Cartoon Thin and if that doesn't work go to line. Pictures and elaboration tomorrow, it's bedtime here ;-)

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(***slaps own head***) ....

Aha! You must be in one of the Sequences tutorials and your model went off-screen.

Please ignore above, you simply have to press (lowercase) Q == Focus on Model to bring the molecule back to the center of the screen. Then you can see it again and resume work :)

General advice on those tutorials can be found here:

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Even when the guide is hidden within the structure - which means you have matched it, you can shake the side chains and that will allow you to compare and fine tune each residue to get those extra points


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