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This is the first time I've run Foldit, so not sure what it should look like, but this is what I see
No toolbar, or menu, or any controls... just a grey box in the upper right. An even bigger issue is the program will not close unless I use the taskmanager to end the foldit process. I am using Windows XP pro SP3, all latest patches applied. I have a very old Matrox Millenium G400 video card- (hey, it's a lab computer...) could this be the issue? I can move the molecule around and change position of the side chains, but that is all. Any ideas?

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you might want to post this to the "feedback" page as a bug, although I'm not sure about your video card. As I recall, Matrox cards had some oddities that might contribute but I should probably let someone else comment on that. The WinXP sp3 is fine.

It may go unnoticed here in the forums.

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grafix card

hm... I would have guessed that thats an OpenGL problem, but the Matrox can use this.
Well, I'm not a graphics guy, just an experienced PC User, and in my eyes this looks like a) card cannot handle it or b) wrong software (not necessarily the newer one is the better ;))

Which directX version have you installed? I had something similar to this at a friends, he needed to install a newer directX.


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