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I'm looking for a more flexible alternative to Freeze when manually adjusting a puzzle.

Freeze locks both displacement and rotation of the frozen selection. It would be useful to anchor a single segment of the structure so that displacement is locked but rotation is not. This would be handy when doing rough placement of a structure.

Since I'm a novice Foldit user returning after a long absence, perhaps I could learn another way to accomplish this without needing a new feature.

How do people manally do rough placement? Or is it all Recipes and LUA functions now?


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Theoretically, there's at least one way to do this manually...

One possible way to freeze displacement while allowing for rotation is to freeze only part of the structure. For example, if you need to move and/or rotate a helix as a whole without bending it, one possible way is to freeze everything except for the loops connected to that helix, and then use bands to direct the helix in any direction. This can be useful, for example, when you need to shift the helix slightly in addition to rotating it.

==> This tactic can be made more effective with bands of strength 10 (which can be created by setting up bands manually and then using a recipe to increase their strength to 10). See attached screen shots for an example:



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I've found that

Applying a band to the center of a residue or residues helps quite a bit in certain situations, for instance, when doing a rebuild, where you need three or four residues but want only one or two to be acted on for the most part.

It's not a true anchor, but it suffices in some cases


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