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Status report from London - webpages are back, and active. Game is recognising logins. Chat still down, IRC still down. But welcome back, your efforts are so appreciated.

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My puzzle menu is showing 3 puzzles, 348 (as still being open),349 and 350

Keep up the great work

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The server is up. However:

irc server is down.

The leader board is not updating. New high scores by other people are not being being reflected on the server. So your rank is against the scores that we in effect when the server crashed.

Recipes are not being uploaded or downloaded.

Please report other problems if you find them.

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I just tried a few times to upload to group in #350 - although it was"uploading", and said that it refreshed the shared solutions, it didn't show up.

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Closing this thread.
Uploading should be fixed:
if it isn't, please mention it in the above thread.

I believe the other problems all have feedbacks as well:


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