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Beginner Puzzle: Potato Multicystatin
Status: Closed


Name: Beginner Puzzle: Potato Multicystatin
Status: Closed
Created: 08/02/2010
Points: 100
Expired: 09/04/2010 - 18:00
Difficulty: Beginner
Description: We would like to welcome all the new Foldit players that have recently joined us. This puzzle is for you to try out once you've completed the Introductory Puzzles. The native is shown as a guide on this puzzle, so try using everything you have learned in the Intro levels to match the native fold. Good luck and welcome to Foldit! This puzzle is for players with fewer than 150 global points.

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Joined: 12/14/2008

This Forum thread explains how to start:


Hopefully the servers are working from now on.

Joined: 05/03/2009
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...and some helpful hints for the intro levels

And since chat is down as well, the intros teach the basic moves and tools.

Follow the tips really closely.

Dont overthink.

Dont be afraid to restart the level if your moves dont succeed.

Joined: 05/03/2009
Groups: Contenders
A little more info

Chat within the game is broken, but there is a spare channel available through an IRC client like mibbit, mIRC or Chatzilla.

You can join it by typing in chatzilla:


Then 'IRC' tab and join channel '#global'.

Drop by and say hello, or ask for help and tips if necessary.
Also keep an eye on the wiki front page for updates and info as we get it. Go to the foldit page and click on 'wiki'.

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guide is really not helpful

with the two structures overlapping it is really hard to see anything. Is there any way to turn it off? or move it to the side? Very frustrating.

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you can turn off the guide

The guide can be turned off by pressing: Shift-S
or going to the view panel and unchecking the box: Show Guide

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how do you do this thing?

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read the first post in this thread

As LennStar posted at the top of this thread



Hopefully these instructions will help you!

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