Points for being 1st during the puzzle period

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I've been able to get #1 for some period of the puzzle period, but do not derive any reward from it. It would be fun to get 'Lap' points for being #1 once during the game period.

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I've been #1 many times. The key is to get in right after the puzzle posts. It really only means something after the scores have settled down a little.

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Useless. Like in ski-jumping - UR 1st till s1 make longer jump. No reward for "being 1st" for short time.

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That would just mean points for those, who are early in the puzzles - like the people that play normally around the time a puzzle gets opened. And people who sleep or work at this time don't have a chance.

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Rule of thumb: Being able to hold 1st place for 24 hours usually means a Top 20 score when the puzzle closes. But that's all.

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Comments, enough said.


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