Moving frozen parts

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When we freeze anything and wiggle i moves. When we want to move by hand - we cant.
It would be useful sometimes to move frozen part (entire sheet or helix).
Maybe additional "lock/unlock position" in addition to freeze?

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To extend my related suggestion "Anchor alternative to Freeze?":

The coordinate transformations are:

Lock Displacement
Lock Rotation

and the functions are:

Manual Pull

so ideally, we'd have the combinations:

Lock Displacement during Wiggle
Lock Displacement during Manual Pull
Lock Rotation during Wiggle
Lock Rotation during Manual Pull

These would be the Anchor checkboxes. Freeze would continue to lock segments relative to each other, but not anchor in space.

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hi -- ok i have the same issue - it would be nice to have a 'pin' option to lock a piece of the protein in 3d space - then the wiggle can adjust 'naturally' all the loose bits aroud this pinned bit.

next - the model when is there as a reference coudl have 'grips on objects node (sice i assume this has a cad based code - node is eg: location of hydropiles and hidrophobes else the corners of sheets [i assume sheets width is not 'width as in poliline' since in this case has no corner mode and no 3d thickness]
thus matching a given model could be extremely simple - and then the specifi functions shake and wiggle could do the rest)

the next thing i'd like to have is a 3d space reference a sort of ucs - i would personally shape it as a truncated piramid with the side facing the player highlighted in a specific colour (red, blue) to enahance comprehension of 3d modelling.

next i'd like to have an option to have the 'model' when present depicted to the side - it could be a show hide of a different kind and of a different colour. alse should move mode be active it would be nice to have the following: - three reference planes xy, xz yz to choose for rotationa and possibly the chance to move the handle of the move that now is centred with respect to the main object so that should
one side be properly fixed one can rotate the rest without misadjusting it. Thank you.

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yes, this is still an issue today. moving frozen segments is still unreliable, and difficult: we need a way of conditionally movable frozen segments, as well as reassigning null segments.

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Like most 3d modeling software such as Maya, 3DS Max, Modo, Blender, etc., I think foldit should incorporate both local and global spaces. In other words, each object is represented with it's own coordinate system within the global coordinate space. This would enable the freezing of objects in place to optionally be in local, global, or both, and make the application of movements and rotations much simpler. It also might help attract 3d modelers who are extremely good at solving topological problems such as those in foldit. Anyways, just a thought, take it as you will.

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This feature will not require a two coordinate systems; it only needs the freeze suggested earlier, that allows pulling but not reshaping of the frozen segment. Along these lines, it would be perfect to throw in a new wiggle for frozen segments, that is similar to the local wiggle tool in the right-click menu, but that does a local wiggle on the two unfrozen segments to the left and right of the frozen one. I'll call it "re-position wiggle" or "wiggle neighbor segments," and it is only available for frozen segments.

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Changed proper case options.
Ability to lock resudie/s in space (anchor) and drag frozen parts by hand would be extremely helpful in denovo puzzles.


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