Rank up and rank down showing with no change in rank

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Opened by:Tlaloc
Opened on:Monday, July 26, 2010 - 19:57
Last modified:Saturday, July 21, 2012 - 16:47

It appears that there is a bug that if someone above me changes position to rank up or down, it triggers the flash on the screen that I have ranked up or down, even though I have not changed position. This has only started recently.

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It's not only triggered by your personal rank but also by your team's rank. Maybe a teammate ranked your team up?

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No change to the team rank either. I only have one team mate, so that's easy to monitor.

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That one is quite old and I never found out why this happens. It even happens if you are not in a team. But only sometimes, about once per hour in average or so.

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If you or your team ranks or is ranked in Evolver the message will show, even if you are playing your solo.

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This was happen to me on last puzzle I won. I was #1, team was #1 and i get "Rank down" w/o reason.

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Keep in mind this is across ALL puzzles and contests you are active in, even if no aclient is playing it right now.

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I never knew this. Are you really sure this is true?

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Yes I am sure. It happened to me sometimes, too. One time I runned just one client and I knowed my rank. It showed rank up while i was playing with a new alignement and had a high negative score. I play only solos and I have no teammates because I'm in no group.

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Yes, this is really true.


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