Please Add Residue Numbering at Top of Alignment Tool

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I find it difficult to converse with others regarding alignments because there is no easy way to refer to a specific segment/residue or section. The addition of a residue number sequence at the top of the window would be a great feature and would make referencing so much easier in communications regarding alignments.

The numbers would have to of course move with the residues as alignments are shifted, but this should not be difficult

Thanks for considering this small, but I think very valuable change/addition.


* I don't yet know how the "assign to" field should be decided - since it is required, I simply put the last admin person I spoke to. Please advise me on proper procedure for next time.

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Good idea, this would help much.
If you talk to groupmates, you can say template/puzzle segment from position x to y... and things like this.

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I have added a tooltip to the letters in the alignment tool that shows their number and name.

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