Add Lua function to change status

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Opened on:Thursday, July 1, 2010 - 23:57
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It would be helpful if a script could do something like

change_status("Running BlueFuze")

This would change a new line that appeared in above the Cancel/Show Output buttons in the display when a script is running. If status was never used, then the line would be blank.

Complicated scripts need some way to indicating where they are. The Output Window is good, but it scrolls information off if you are printing lots of information.

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Or second output window? Just for counting purposes?
Text above cancel/show is changing every function. It may be confusing.
Maybe change (or add new) print function? To print w/o new line each print, ie for counting down purposes.

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No, I mean an additional line. Not changing the functionality of the existing lines.

If that isn't easy, changing the title bar or a line under the title bar of the Output Window would also work for me.

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tlaloc can do this next time :(


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