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After a puzzle ends, if you go back to the puzzle you should be able to see a template of either the known layout of the protein, if it is available, or the the top ranking folder's layout if it isn't.

This would give us some idea of if we were on the right track, and improve our folding over time.

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Maybe just as a "shared solution" to download?

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great idea...
most of the solutions from CASP9 have not been released yet (since they can still be used for the refinement category) but our plan is to give you all the solved CASP9 puzzles as Quest to the Natives once the CASP9 experiment is over.

That way you can all see the solutions and improve your folding over time as well.

And of course, once CASP is over, we will post design puzzles again!

Posting the top ranking foldit solution might not be the correct one, so we wouldn't want you changing your tactics right now just based on that.

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reply from beta closed


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