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I'm not sure how tied together the GUI and the processes are in foldit, however I think it may be very beneficial, especially to those with slower computers, or that run very long scripts, to have a "run in background option" that would grey the screen, with "stop recipe" and "move to foreground" options displayed prominently on the screen. This would allow script execution without the additional overhead of updating the graphics continuously. Also once a "move to foreground" option has been selected, a "move to background" option would also be nice so that one can simply move it up to see it's current progress, then return it to the background again. Without having to update the GUI I think it would help progress solutions much faster for many people, and ultimately result in better solutions.

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A simple variant of this would be displaying the score in the title bar of the minimzed window, and a symbol, if the very best score have changed and/or a script has finished.

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Wondering if the program does / does not skip generation of graphics during a long running script when its window is minimized?
If not, it probably should. ... or a maybe there should be a view option to shut off the animated graphics.

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You can minimize the client and it will stop rendering the graphics (all of the protein drawing, GUI, etc).

With LUA scripts, they will continue running no matter what platform you are on while the game is minimized.

With GUI scripts, on Linux and OSX they will continue running while the game is minimized. On Windows however they will stop when you minimize the client. If you edit your options.txt and turn on "update_while_minimized" then Windows will be able to continue running GUI scripts while the client is minimized. It will also however continue rendering while the game is minimized.

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Why doesnt foldit see that it is running on Windows and auto set the parameters when running a GUI script minimized?
Also question: will the setting of the parameter also influence the rendering of Lua scripts?

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We didn't make update_while_minimized the default option because of the issue where Foldit will continue to render in the background when update_while_minimized is enabled. So when this option is turned on, the CPU usage on Windows will stay as if it were rendering everything when you minimize the client. It shouldn't be doing that. We felt it was more important to keep the behavior of stopping the rendering work when you minimize the client than to have GUI scripts running in the background.

I'm not sure I understand your question about the rendering of LUA scripts. Do you mean just running them in general, or the displaying of the output? Either way, this option does not affect the running of LUA scripts in any way (other than the CPU usage on Windows if update_while_minimized is turned on may reduce the performance of them).

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What I ment with the question was: Is the performance of Lua scripts running in the background also affected?
From your answer I can conclude that is the case.
So I reverted back to disabling the option, and now there is NO movement of the boxes anymore like reported in another feedback.


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