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Opened by:steveB
Opened on:Wednesday, June 9, 2010 - 08:21
Last modified:Tuesday, May 21, 2013 - 15:39


The alignment tool window can be dragged outside the bounds of the programme window, where it will end up in an unrecoverable position. To duplicate the bug :

(Careful trying this as you could loose the alignment window)

1) Set the foldit programme window to a size that is less than your full screen size.
2) Bring up the alignment tool
3) Drag the alignment tool out of the top of the programme window.

I can find no way of recovering from this problem other than a complete programme reinstall,



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Tested the alignment tool window drag error.
Steve is correct.

My OS: Windows Vista SP2

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Owww... good to know.

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did this get fixed?

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Looks like. Tried to get it off screen - cant.

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This was fixed quite a while ago. You shouldn't be able to drag any window off screen now. Go ahead and reopen this or another feedback if that's not the case.

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My problem: alignment tool grayed out

I'm working the beginner puzzle - two protein chains, <15 - and my alignment tool is grayed out and won't show up. Tried everything - clearing cache, turning off and back on, etc.

When I right click on a segment every tool but the alignment tool is accessible. It's grayed out. L doesn't work. Neither does the regular tool menu.

Not very helpful when the game is about aligning!



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