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Maybe a silly idea, but I was thinking it might drive more traffic to foldit, as well as offer additional incentive for folders.

How about "sponsored puzzles"
When first logging in, there is the pop up that shows recent news announcements. How about something similar whenever you open a puzzle ? You could offer the advertising space to websites which sell things that would interest folders, and in exchange for the advertising, perhaps they could kick in a gift certificate, piece of computer hardware, t-shirt, whatever for the winner of a puzzle, or perhaps even for top 3.

Obviously it would have to be for solo only because not everyone is in a group, and winning by groups would be more difficult to divide up, but I think it would have the potential to really push players that much further.

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It's an interesting idea. If this was implemented, I'd suggest not just the solo score, though, because the same 10 people would wind up with all the prizes. Award prizes for most improved, best new script, etc.

However, it would also encourage people to game the system: hack the software, hack the solution, develop software to grab team solutions and match them solo, etc. The software and systems would have to be much more robust to avoid cheating when things worth money are involved. You might even get sweatshops paying people to play to get the prizes if they were substantial.

Right now the only thing the game awards is the honor of doing well, and that is so transient that as soon as a puzzle closes, it mostly goes away. After four months, even when you did really well it vanishes. I came back after not playing for quite a while to find every bit of "honor" that I'd achieved was gone, and I was a newbie again, even qualifying for the newbie puzzles.

How about awards in the form of just a GIF file that says "scored in 3rd place on foldit puzzle 314", or something that can remain on someone's facebook page or web site forever?

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Guess i didn't' think that far into it. was just thinking of something small, not substantial prizes, $20 prize at best, but even then I guess people would be trying to do such things.

That's just the nature of the people we live upon this planet with.

Reminds me of one my favorite quotes:

I can picture in my mind a world without war, a world without hate.
And I can picture us attacking that world, because they'd never expect it.
~ Jack Handey

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