Inability to create a band between adjacent segments

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I and other Folders have experienced the problem where band_add_segment_segment(x,x+1) fails.

One is able to create such a band between adjacent segments using the GUI, but after the call the get_band_count() returns zero showing the band was not created, but no run-time Lua error is generated.

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A similar thing...
Can you fix a segment to its 3D-place by band_add_segment_segment(x,x)?

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So would you like to be able to add the band or have an error generated?

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I would like the Lua script function to act the same way as the GUI. I am able to create a band from n to n+1 in the GUI. I seem not to be able to do this in script.

If there is some physical reason the band cannot be created, then a error should occur, but also generate the same error in the GUI.

The inconsistency between Lua scripting and GUI is, at times, mysterious and at others, frustrating.

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Second that.

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You cannot connect the backbone of two adjacent segments in the GUI. band_add_segment_segment attaches a band between the backbones of the two given segments. Thus it would appear that the behavior is the same between the GUI and the script.

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It would be helpful if the band_add_segment_segment() function returned the band number of the band that it creates. If it fails to create a band for any reason, then return 0.

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...or nil.

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This bug was discussed in several recent Feedbacks like the following:

There was also a recent compilation of Feedbacks about bands:


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