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When looking at a person's web page, it should show the recipes that person has rated and what rating they gave. This would let people look at top folder's web page and find what recipes they find useful. This could appear anywhere on the page, and maybe have a setting for the user on whether they want to show that info, with the default being 'show'.

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Well, I've made bad experiences from other internet-sites (in my case containing tracker-files), if ratings could be seen.
The users gave tracks bad ratings just in return, if the user who created it gave their tracks a bad rating before.
Unfortunately, humans are like this :/

But a statistic how often the user has used a recipe would help, and improving the score "average impact", which often shows strange values.

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This would also help Dr Baker looking for some strategies, formulated as code to improve Rosetta.

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closed rankings on recipes


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