Saving multiple versions of a Solution.

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I run recipes that use both the 'very best' and 'recent best' sol'n to explore down different pathways. Unfortunately I have found no way to go back to an interim sol'n, TREAT IT AS IF IT WERE 'very best', and continue explorations from there.

I believe there is a need for a way to save multiple versions of a solution and set that sol'n's value as 'very best'.

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This is what I meatn here, too:

We need a possibility to reset the very best solution.

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Now that there are 10 Quicksave/Quickload slots available to use when constructing scripts I suggest using these rather than "very best" and "recent best".

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Yes, but with GUI-Scripts for example, reset/restore very best is the only way to make some-case-sensitive changes.
Moreover, when using the tweak-tool to rotate a helix (which goes very fast on multi-core-CPUs), sometimes there are more scores at the first try as if you turn them back.
You can test this in the tutorial levels. Rotate a helix, watch the score, and try to turn it back with identic score.

I already had created a thread here:

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Recent best behaves the same way as the other save-slots, but very best is different.

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if it is ok with everyone I am lowering the priority on this to make sure we fix the high-priority bugs first!

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Yes, this isn't a critical problem, but if resolved it would help on multiple start puzzles.

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We have tracks and 100 saves per track now.
Closing as done.

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Marking as resolved.


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