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I have a couple of color scheme ideas which I think would be very useful when folding and which would be great to have available in the view options. They would be

1) Color with rebuild history
This would color the protein structure according to whether sections have been rebuilt or not. When you start a puzzle this would display the whole protein in red, and then as sections are rebuilt these rebuilt areas would become progressively more green in color. This would mean that after a few days of playing the puzzles, you would be able to easily identify the areas on which you have not yet worked.

2) Adjust the color grading
This would be a slider control which would change the threshold of the main coloring algorythm. At the end of the puzzle (ie after playing for a few days) it would allow you to adjust the red green balance so that there was a better contrast on the coloring allowing for a better diagnosis of the structure's weak areas. At present all you can see at this stage in the game play is a green protein (if you are lucky !)


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