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Would it be possible to increase the size the of the recipe output?

Other suggestions have been made to decrease the number of commands output so that the existing space of the recipe output is more useful.

Simply more space would be more useful.

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My suggestion
I think we should be able to resize the recipe output window, Then we could make it any size we like.

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To handle puzzles scores below 0, I use a sum of all segment scores (crossfoot), which quickly fills the output window with just all the same used command and makes the printed commands (blue)unfindable, so I'm rather asking for the possibility to disable the white text, by option or setting an internal value by script like command_output = false or something like this.

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In response to the output of get_segment_score(), please fix the problem that you can see in GUI a negative score, but you can't get that value from get_score().

A lot of scripts will run a lot faster if get_score() would return negative values as does the GUI.

If get_score() returns a negative value, then the output of get_segment_score() is eliminated and the recipe output window does not fill up as fast. Q.E.D.

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I have to agree Crashguard. I even don't need an option to turn commands in output on or off, just remove them completely and only show the output of "print".

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I have increased the number of lines kept in the output window and added a checkbox to disable echoing of script commands to the output (disabled by default). This will go out soon.

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Thanks a lot!

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This has been posted in an update.


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