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Hi there,

new user here. I tried creating an account from the game itself, that failed because it did not recognize my '@' input for some strange reason (german keyboard layout .. should pose no problem tho). Following that, I tried creating a user through the website form. Annoyingly, that failed too - the answer being: that email is already registered. Okay, no problem - I just go for the password recovery form (it's strange that my email should be in use btw, since I never successfully registered.. but I tried anyway), type in my eMail that I wanted to register with, and wait for the password.

The answer this time was: "Unable to send eMail, please contact server admin if the problem persists". So, no password recovery for me :/

To add more frustration, you cannot even find any way to contact someone (eMail, forum, feedback) without being registered first. So if I fail to register at all, I would be unable to communicate that back to you.

I managed to register now with a second eMail adress, but upon creation, the server also gave me the warning: "Unable to send eMail, please contact server admin if the problem persists". Although with the success message: "Registration successful. You are now logged in", thus enabling me to post this message.


D. Kaspar

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working on it

Hello. Sorry about the trouble singing up. I am working on fixing the email-related problems with our server. I'm not sure how long it'll take.

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Same problem here. I could not find any way to have it resend the email either. Post back when you get this fixed, please?

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The email problems should be

The email problems should be resolved now. Let me know if you're still getting "Unable to send email" message.


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still getting "unable to send email"

email problems not resolved.

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Zoom Function seems dysfunctional

I seem to have manipulated the zoom function so that it has resized the protein into miniscule obscurity, and I could not correct its size, until finally it simply disappeared from view, and I cannot seem to find it, nor can I return it to its original size--it just kept shrinking until it was gone.... How do I correct this problem? When I reload the puzzle, the object is simply not there anymore....

Look forward to getting a solution....

Christian Bök

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Just use "Q" or "HOME" key :D

Just use "Q" or "HOME" key :D

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The "@" needs AltGr-Q on German Keyboard layout, but the client text fields don't allow these key-combinations at the moment, {} [] are also not possible :/

To get an @-sign in the client, try two things:

1. Copy it from somewhere else and paste it with ctrl-v (Strg-v) or
2. Activate NumLock, hold down ALT, press 0 6 and 4 and release ALT to send the ASCII code.

Then, @ should appear.

Try the same name and password you are using here, but in the game.

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Center View

The key to center view is also sometimes called Pos1.

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Same problem as first poster

I've had the same problem as the first poster, except that I'm posting from UK so it can't be blamed on issues with the @ sign.

I'm now registered under a silly name, because my name was "already taken" as was my email address! Clearly that's nonsense.

I also got the message "Unable to send e-mail. Please contact the site administrator if the problem persists.
Registration successful. You are now logged in."

At least I can now play, but it would be great if there was an email address you could go to for help. If you can't register, you're just stitched. There's no way to contact the site administrator and it's irritating to be told to do something that the site won't let me do.

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Email Issue/No username Box

I encountered the same issue as the individual above (Boston based).

I attempted to create account through game and received the "can't send email" error. I attempted to create an account online and it said the account was already created. I tried to follow the "Forgot password" prompt but received the email error again. I just have a hotmail account so it shouldn't be an email issue.

In playing around I figured out I could sign on to the website with what I had initially put into the game registration - therefore the accounts are being created...we're just being told they are not.

Upon restarting the game though I do not have a box to enter a username, only a password. Nor is there a username to select from the box. Therefore I'm still unable to sign on.

Thanks much,

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New user here with the same problems above re "unable to send email." I was logged-in nonetheless, but searched the site for the tutorials to no avail. How can one get started here?

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Hopefully these instructions will help you!

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email is fixed.

email is fixed.


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