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Anthropic Dreams
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Name: Anthropic Dreams
Manager: Susume
Type: Closed
Formed: 04/21/10
Description: We stand together, with hope and determination.


We are a very large and very active folding team, with many highly ranked players. We have team members who can work with you if your interest lies in scripting, and members who are experts in every stage of the game.

We're here to help you become the best Foldit player that you can be! By working with each other, we hope to be an important part of helping science to help all.

This team is temporarily open by invitation only - but you can join easily. Talk to some of our members in global before you make a decision to join, to see if you think that we would be a good fit for you.

If you think that you'd like to join, please write a message to Susume. Our main restriction is that we will not allow any clones by any members of our group, other than irc only accounts. We also ask that you have completed at least a week of folding - this gives you a chance to decide whether you enjoy the game, and a chance to chat with people from all teams and soloists in global.

Please finish the tutorials before you think of joining any team… We know that they can be frustrating (or boring to some), but you need to familiarize yourself with the basic tools before you can become a really good folder. Ask any team members, or anyone in global for help - everyone at Foldit wants you to be successful.


Anthropic Dreams was formed in Spring of 2010. Pletsch and Renton, two top folders, decided to create a team open to all Foldit players whether they were in teams or not, to make the best possible folding team for CASP 9. They hoped that by pooling all of Foldit talent, Foldit would have the best chance of winning CASP.

When CASP 9 was over, the active team members decided to stay together. We've grown since then, and have managed to become one of the top folding teams.


Because we are a very large group, from time to time we delete inactive members to keep the group manageable. If you have come back to folding after a hiatus, please join us again!



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Joined: 04/11/2013
When Going High/Med

Here is something you might want to try.
Take your best Low Ci score in auto.
Place zero length bands.
Put into Low Wiggle Power.
Set to full ci.
Wiggle out.
Set to Auto wiggle power.
Disable bands.
Wiggle out.
Set to High/Med wiggle power.
Wiggle out.
Repeat whole process from enabling bands in Low wiggle power until no gains are found.
Now enable these bands in High/Med for short iters and disable for wiggling out until you are tired of playing around.
Not sure how it affects the end game but it certainly gains at least an extra ten points or a lot more, before rebuilding in High/Med.

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