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what Do I have to do (or which files do I how to transfer) to play on different computers and different OS (Windows Linux)?

I started playing the tutorials on Linux and then wanted to play the next puzzle on Windows, but it seems that I have to start again with puzzle number 1 of the tutorial.

Many thanks for any information.


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sorry Oliver

the bad news is that you will have to beat all the intro levels again...
on the bright side, they should be easier the second time around and mastering them will help you tackle the science puzzles!

Sorry about this!

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In my experience, you just

In my experience, you just have to do the first level, and then choose puzzle menu. You'll always have the blue blinking question mark on the screen, though...

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Rashvar, dont' mind, your tutorial achievements are stored online, it's just a local thing (PC) that they are not shown as solved on the other system.
You will also have this if you delete and reinstall fold.it

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Should I post a suggestion, if fold.it is installed and updates, that it will check for existing online results?
For regular science puzzles, it checks which scores already have been reached and displays them on the score table.

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I've read that on Macs, standard keys for copy and paste are not ctrl-c and ctrl-v, but Apple-c and Apple-v, like here:

Is that right?

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Mac copy and paste keyboard shortcuts

Crashguard, you're mostly correct. The Apple people call it "command", not "apple" these days, so you copy with "command-c" and paste with "command-v" as default.

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... now I'm up-to-date again.
The last Apple I had was an Apple II, but that's more than 12 years ago, and even then it was an antique piece of hardware, not comparable to the good stuff nowaydays.

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hey oliver, don´t worry, the

hey oliver,
don´t worry, the data is stored at the application data folder in your user folder.
i don´t know which OS you have, so you have to look where exactly it is..
good luck!

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more exactly..

Q: Where can I find the Foldit data files?
A: The data files are in different places depending on your OS:

* on Windows XP at C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Foldit\
* on Windows 7 and Vista at C:\ProgramData\Foldit\
* on a Mac, Ctrl-click on the app and choose "Show Package Contents, then go to Contents/Resources
* on Linux, is is the Foldit directory


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