"{" and "}" not working in script editor under windows 7

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It is not possible to type the 'special' characters { and } - ignoring input by on-screen keyboard and copy and paste from another program - into the script / recipe editor.

I'm running foldit on a x64 quadcore system with Windows7. Changing the compatibility into all available modes did not change the behaviour. This problem also occurs on a 32bit system with Windows7 (again all compat. modes).

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I have Win7 64 and not see that problem, using {} in tables all the time.
Any one can confirm that bug?

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Hi, the problem still exists, but does not seem to relate to the edition of Windows used but rather the keyboard settings (language). My normal keyboard layout which is german (de-de) does not allow to type {}, an en-us layout does.

The difference is that the german keyboard layout uses Alt-Gr+7 and Alt-Gr+0 to type these characters while the en-us layout uses the Shift-key as modifier key.

On Linux (Ubuntu 64 Bit) the modifier key works.

Hope this helps...

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Marking as resolved, it is not a client but OS bug.

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From an French azerty keyboard, I cannot write the following characters into the Foldit editor neither in the chat client (but as you see, I can write them here):


These characters need Alt+ to be typed.

For the editor, I'm obliged to edit outside and come back to the recipe editor (cut all -copy all -paste). It's quite heavy for small thinks.

These characters are quite important for editing. It would be nice if the editor could accept them.

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@BuzzDee Could you put the section of your script with the "{" and "}" up as part of a message or copy it to a file with a .txt suffix so that we can see what the problem is? A file must be .png or .txt so you can attach it.

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All of this is linked to the use of the key "Alt Gr" on non US keyboards (Alt GR exists on US-International keyboard)

See a full explanation here:

We can type several characters (including the one mentioned above: |@#^{}[]ยด`~\) by using this Alt Gr modifier key in all environments (like on this forum) BUT not on the Foldit editor.

So I think it's not linked to OS or hardware, but well on some software related tho the specific foldit editor.

Can anybody else test the use of Alt Gr on the foldit editor ? does it work in Foldit editor? is there any suggestion (apart from changing our keyboards and/or keyboard settings in order to have the needed characters on a first or second line)?

The only solution I have for myself is to type every script outside the Foldit editor, then copy-paste it to the foldit editor.


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