Foldit trophy!

We are excited to let everyone know that the first Foldit "trophy" has been delivered! You may remember that Boots McGraw's design for the puzzle "187: More Core Design" ( was the first Foldit design to be tested in the lab ( - although the lab test didn't work out as we'd hoped ( To celebrate, the people at 3D Molecular Designs ( were nice enough to make a model of Boots' design and donate it to us!

Here are some photos:

He says, "I will bring it to the office and leave it on my desk; so when my co-workers once again ask why I don't want to play 'Farmville' with them, I will show them the model and tell them I am 'busy curing cancer, AIDS, and the common cold'".

Thanks Boots and thanks to everyone for their contributions to Foldit! We'll continue looking for ways to reward our players!

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Congrats! A very nice trophy

Congrats! A very nice trophy for your desk indeed.

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Congratulations Boots

you sure deserve that nice trophy!

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Congrats Boots!

Congratulations buddy! WTG!!! Keep up the GREAT work ... even if you are "the competition"! !!!

P.S. Call me when you are in the area again ... I'll buy you a Sno-Cone !!!

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Very nice Trophy

Well done Boots - and of course the Team from 3D Molecular Designs as well. I would like to have one myself.

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Well done

Nice trophy for a great job Congrats Boots.!!!!
(((((PSSSTTTTTTTTTT)))))))) I knew him when!!!

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Thanks for sharing new thoughts and ideas.Waiting for new post to get more things to read on different topics.

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