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I cannot get Fold It to run on my Ubuntu 9.10 32-bit desktop.
32-bit desktop!

~/Foldit$ ./Foldit
Foldit Error: The game has previously not started up correctly.
If this problem persists, please install the latest version.
Foldit Error: Could not load library: libglut.so.3: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory.

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Good! I have solved the

I have solved the problem by myself.

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If you can share how you fixed it, maybe it can help others who run into the same problem!


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steps for fixed it

1 - open the Synaptic
2 - search for libglut
3 - select libglut3 with left button of mouse
4 - select Installation
5 - click on apply
6 - wait to finalize the installation
7 - run foldit


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