Broken group?

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Opened on:Saturday, March 27, 2010 - 17:21
Last modified:Monday, March 29, 2010 - 08:06

Two weeks ago, a mass deletion of spam accounts was executed. This, unfortunately, resulted in the accidental deletion of GoFoldersAdmin, which was an account formerly controlled by LennStar to manage the GoFolders group ( ). This, as a result, ended up accidentally deleting the entire group. After pointing out this issue in a forum post ( ), the group was reinstated, with *me* being manually assigned as the new admin. The problem is that, since then, the group link can only be accessed by me even though the group is to "open"-- this remains true even after I re-added LennStar to the group and made him admin.

==> Thus, no one can join or leave the group now, which really defeats its purpose. Since I'm not sure what kind of technical glitch is causing this, I would like to formally request the deletion of the group since re-creating the group from scratch seems to be the easiest way to fix the problem right now. [No, I cannot do that myself-- I would receive the "access denied" error. The idea with deleting the group is that LennStar can then re-create a new one later.]

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sorry about that GoFolders, ilya.makedon will take care of this.

Thanks for you patience and understanding... hopefully this inconvenience was worth the decrease in spammers.

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Hey, GoFolders, I got ya. I'll work on it early next week.


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Group deleted. Sorry about the screw up.

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marking as resolved


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