New tool: "Force bond"

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Opened on:Friday, March 12, 2010 - 17:08
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1. I'd like to have a tool to force [bondable atom X] to form a bond with [bondable atom Y].
2. For proteins with Cysteines I'd like a tool to force [Cysteine X] to form a disulfide bridge with [Cysteine Y].

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I second this request. Currently, the bond forcing tool can only be approximated by going into full-atom mode and banding the two specific atoms, with the distance set to a short (but non-zero) value and the band strength set to something very high (if 1.5 isn't enough, then 10 with a recipe would usually do the trick). However, this approach tends to have the side-effect of messing up the rest of the structure...

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maybe re-assigning this will get it implemented sooner :-)


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