268 group scores didnt register - all zero

Case number:671076-987447
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Opened on:Wednesday, March 10, 2010 - 02:29
Last modified:Monday, August 22, 2011 - 21:53

There's a fault in the scoring for 268 - all groups scored zero.

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Is it possible the FoldIt crew decided not to score this one, because so few made it to the boards (nine teams, five evolvers, nineteen soloists)?

Wicked tough puzzle, folks. Not fun!

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I spent hours on this and only got 1 point for being 14th, group score for 9th place is zero, there's got to be something wrong somewhere.

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Re: Susanne

I would assume that this is because it was out of 19 players whose scores actually got counted (which would require getting the 3 hydrogen bonds). For example, my 8th-place finish was good for 5 points only: ((19-8+1)/19)^7 = 0.04. In your case, ((19-14+1)/19)^7 is lesser than 0.01, so that's unfortunately a single point.

Then again, those who didn't manage to have their score registered in the first place got zero points, so I guess it's still better than nothing... :-@

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Zero points for all the groups is because there are less than 10 groups on the scoreboard. That happened before in <15 and <150 puzzles.

The lousy points in solo and evolver is because of the small number of solo players who made it to the board and because of the formula used to assign global points.
In http://de.foldit.wikia.com/wiki/Datei:Global_Points_Calculator.ods I uploaded an open document spreadsheet that calculates global points according to the formula posted by fold central.

The actual problem in this puzzle was, that you've had to get those 3 bonds to even appear on the scoreboard. I'm pretty sure that there were more than 100 players who tried but didn't manage, and those players don't count for the global points formula. That shouldn't happen.

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The client crashing constantly while using most scripts probably had a big effect on this one.

That has GOT to get fixed !

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This is indeed a bug, the 9 groups should have gotten credit for 'Hold It!' and any player that works on 'Hold It! 2' should receive credit for it.
We will assign credit for these 2 puzzles retroactively.
This might take us a while, so please be patient, we apologize for this.

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Old puzzle. Closing.


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