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As many of the players know, I have created a folding bot which is doing suprisingly well, considering it is still doing mostly random searches. My question is: Is there anything either I, or Baker Labs, needs to know about this bot before the CASP? Should it be classed with the server only predictions. I am unfamiliar with the Casp and wish to facilitate any results gained by Foldit.

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great question!

That is really exciting!
Unfortunately, server predictions at CASP have to be entirely automated and connected directly from the CASP website (http://www.predictioncenter.org/casp9/index.cgi#targets) but of course you will be able to compete in CASP with all the other Foldit players as we will enter Foldit as its own group! (unlike CASP8 where it was part of the Baker Lab Team)

This brings us to another point that the Foldit team has been discussing prior to CASP9: how to pick models for the Foldit group!

As you know, CASP lets you submit 5 models for each target so we are trying to think of cool ways to let YOU the Foldit players pick these models (other than the top scoring Foldit model which we will always submit).

This also leads to another CASP category, Quality assessment of models (http://www.predictioncenter.org/casp9/index.cgi#scope) where the CASP organizers give us a bunch of predictions and we have to rank them (which do we think is closest to the native). This could also be a very exciting category for Foldit players as well!

I'll post a blog about all this soon!


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