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Ok, I'm stumped. How the heck do I use the Align Guide command? What I want to do is rotate the damn guide to match the portions of the Native puzzles which I've reconstructed to match it. What I get when I click it is the guide centering on the middle of the puzzle, which is basically useless since I try to rebuild from the ends. Am I missing something, or is it just useless?

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If you right-click on any

If you right-click on any part/segment of the puzzle, you can use the 'align guide' option in the circular menu that appears. The guide will then align to that part of the puzzle.

If you have any problems using the tools/menus, you can always ask in global chat while playing. There is usually someone around willing to help. It would save you having to wait for someone to reply here.



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I'd just been hitting the button with nothing selected. Thanks, that may be pretty handy. Yay!


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