Updated tools: Undo key (Z) in new interface

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Hi, I found myself stumbling with the undo button (Z) after this recent update.

Now, when I hit Z it results in either a) undoing the previous action or b ) deleting bands.

I tend to use undo a lot. I'll just keep whacking it until I get to where I want to get to. But now, if one of my previous points used bands, I'll hit the undo button and instead of going to the next undo point, it deletes the bands. And if I hit Z again, it undoes the deletion of the bands... and if I hit it again, it deletes the bands... and if I hit it again, it undoes the deletion of the bands... etc. etc.

I realise that ctrl-Z or cmd-Z are also the keystrokes for undo (and they are the ones that I probably should use) but it is confusing that Z now both deletes bands and undoes actions.

I'm sure there's a shade of irony here because Z for deleting bands has probably come about because R was doing two things (deleting bands and rebuilding). I agree that band deleting needs its own keystroke, I just don't know that Z is the go. How about X?


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no longer a problem in selection


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