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Opened on:Friday, February 19, 2010 - 09:19
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OK, I've been giving this a bit of thought, and came up with an idea which I think would keep the interest of many folders, as well as offer potential for more meaningful results. This area could be a playground for some, and a work space for others.

Create a sandbox area where in users can freely design proteins without restrictions at any given time. Within this area, have user loadable structures of viral proteins or other high value targets. Within each loadable object have notes about what areas should be attached to, what the goal is, and be able to load a few examples of attempts that have been made in the past, along with a brief description of why they did not work (if it known). Of course the structures created there would not be reflected in a persons score, but would be reviewed from time to time for potentially meaningful results. Within the sandbox, users could have an option of sharing their structure with anyone else either individually or to make a it completely public, and give anyone a chance at loading it. Additionally it would be really enticing to those doing it for pure enjoyment, if it was possible to request specific structures that could be loaded into public shares so that people could work on tackling something that has a higher significance to them. Additionally, the staff could use this area to place structures that are requested by other universities, or represent interests that might not normally make it into the normal puzzle list either because of the size of the protein, or the complexity of whats being done, or for any other reasons.

I realize that the system hard disk is already being taxed heavily, and fills frequently, and that this would create an additional burden, so I would also like to ask, what type of disk(s) do you require to increase capacity? Do you require a larger disk controller? I would not be above furnishing storage space to see this implemented if the cost is reasonable. If you can furnish the specs of what you need, I can take a peek around, probably have half of it here already.

Regards, and keep up the great work,

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Even having just a simple design puzzle with 200 segs that could be added or deleted and that remained open would make a suitable sandbox.



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