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Developer Preview
Still has the same two bugs that i have been posted and others.

1)Canceling a script can cause foldit to crash

“Lua - bugs and problems”

2)Old interfaces controlling the new interfaces behavior
I used the same bug sequence list as I posted before. ""
As you can see in the images below. After canceling a script and doing a wiggle the protein can end up in a ball, but the behavior options lever is set a 1. When you check the behavior options back in the old interface (Images two)you can see its now set at "0", when it was set a "1" before using the new interface"

“Part of the new interface working in the old interface.”

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The Glossary button partly overlaps the chat box in the old interface.

Right mouse button not freezing the segments. Below image of one the guides.

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An update has been posted that should address all of these except 1) in the initial post. Since those problems existed before this update, and there is another case open for them, I'm marking this resolved for the Developer Preview.


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