Mini-CASP 15 |= Mini-CASP 15?

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Why differs the protein in Mini-CASP 15a/b/c (48 segments) from the one in Mini-CASP 15-Freestyle A/B (57 segments)? Shouldn't it be the same protein in all Mini-CASP 15 puzzles?

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Good catch, Madde!

I did indeed trim both ends of the protein, because the Rosetta@home predictions had a large amount of variability in the tails.
Since the native structure is being solved using NMR, it is quite likely that these ends will not be well defined and will have to be trimmed when we compare your Foldit predictions to the solved native (once it is released).

Here is an example of a recently solved NMR structure with "floppy tails":

(the structure might look a bit familiar ;-))

Anyway, I can easily post these same starting puzzles again with the termini, so let me know if that is important to you, we just didn't want you spending a lot of your time on regions of the protein that might be disordered!


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