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Was there a reason for removing the lists of soloist and team rankings? My team scans the ranks for players with certain scoring characteristics. Now we can't find prospective team members! And I can't see how far we are away from moving up in rank, without some elaborate keystroking.

Please tell me this is just a temporary glitch in display programming.

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The reason for removing "groups" and "players" from top navigation was to create room for the "recipes" link. It appeared that access to the same information can be done using the tabbed block at the bottom right of the front page.

However, I just realized that there is no access to the complete listings of players and groups through that block. It seems that the "full" link should do that. I'll fix it soon.

Meanwhile, feel free to bookmark these page to save typing:



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No - let's put it back on the top menu !

there's tons of room, maybe you can merge Credits and About onto the same screen, or the Wiki and FAQ

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I'm not sure which "tabbed block at the bottom of the front page" you are referring to. There is no such thing on my front page.

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The tabbed block can be found if you go to fold.it/portal. On the right of the front page there are several gray rectangular areas. If you are logged in, the first one is titled Get Started: Download, the second down is Recommend Foldit, next has several tabs for evolvers, soloists, groups.

I just made the fix I mentioned in my last message. So to access the top groups, you can click on the groups tab and then the FULL link. To access top players, you may click on soloists tab then the FULL link.

Taking the groups and players links from top nav menu is not permanent. Right now we are re-introducing the recipes functionality after they broke as a result of website upgrade. Therefore in the near future recipes will gain more prominence on the website.


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This was resolved in 2010. Closing this feedback.


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